How Can I Read PDF on iPhone

Published: 02nd September 2010
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When I wait in the bus stop, lie in bed for sleepiness or so, iPhone is definitely a good company to kill time. As an eBook lover, iPhone to me is more an eBook reader that can be used to call than a Phone that can serve as an eBook reader. I've got a large collection of eBooks in PDF and EPUB in my computer, and I'm used to transferring them to my iPhone to read. I'll talk about two ways to read PDF on iPhone below.

Transfer PDF to iPhone

There are quite a few apps which help facilitate eBook reading on iPhone or other devices like iPod Touch and iPad. iBooks and iTunes are basic two apps I always turn to. I use iTunes to transfer PDF to iPhone and iBooks to organize my eBook collections and read them on iPhone.

The transfer can be done within 3 steps:

1. Drag and drop PDFs from desktop to iTunes library;

2. Connect iPhone to the computer;

3. Choose the iPhone in the source list under Devices, choose the books you want to sync, and click Sync button.

Thumbnail view, built-in search, eBook covers, etc, these features iBooks provides helps me find the book I want as soon as possible. Additionally, I can categorize and rate my eBook collections just like what I do to music collections. It's a pleasant experience to use iBooks anyway.

How Can I Read PDF on iPhone?

Tips: The release of iBooks 1.1 makes iPhone more compatible with PDF, which makes people can read PDF directly on iPhone. Sound good, right? However, you need to update your iPhone to iOS 4.0, because iBooks 1.1 requires iOS 4.0.

Read PDF on iPhone

Personally, I prefer to read eBooks in EPUB. My preference is purely out of practicability. EPUB is a more flexible format for eBook readers, as it displays text in an optimized way for particular devices. I don't have to scroll up and down or left and right on iPhone to view the oversized eBook which is only suitable for computer viewing. EPUB knows my iPhone screen size and adjusts itself for me. How sweet! I want all my eBooks in EPUB format, even though a large percentage of them are in PDF. After some Google searching, I found a PDF to EPUB Converter could help.

I bet you can't believe the conversion is as easy as the transfer. You just do the drag and drop, and a click of charm on Convert button. Suddenly, all of my PDF eBooks have their EPUB copies. The result really satisfies me. EPUBs! Not PDFs anymore! After that, all I have to do is to move on to the next regular step—transfer (refer to the steps mentioned above).

Tips: Concerning the PDF to EPUB Converter, some Mac users might ask, what if I am using Mac OS. That question is understandable as Mac users usually suffer from that many apps only provide Windows version. The fact is that whether you are using PC or Mac OS, converting PDF to EPUB is no big deal. Want more information as a Mac user? Click to refer to this article How to Convert PDF to EPUB on Mac. I guess it may give you some hint.


You can choose both methods according to your preference. If you like to view PDF directly in your iPhone, follow the first way. If you are an EPUB fan like me, don't hesitate to do the conversion. Believe me; it can be done in the blink of an eye!

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